Dos and Don’ts for PNG

Dos Don’ts
1. Always ensure that installing / servicing the CNG kit is done through authorized workshop. 1. Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder.
2. Hydro testing of CNG cylinder must be done every three years 2. Do not start the vehicle while the filling is under progress.
3. Get the vehicle thoroughly checked by an authorized workshop every year. 3. Do not use mobile phones near CNG filling area.
4. Always keep the certificate of CNG kit and cylinder. 4. Do not use any naked flame near CNG filling area.
5. Keep a portable fire extinguisher and first aid box in the vehicle. 5. Avoid carrying inflammable material near the CNG cylinder.
6. Follow the safety rules/safety instructions while filling and driving the vehicle.

    Be alert for any emergency.

6. Do not place any luggage or load over cylinder as it may damage the cylinder pipe, hose, valve etc.