FAQ – Domestic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Domestic PNG


1. Online

The prospective customer can apply online through our website. Apply Now!

A unique identification number shall be generated and shared with the customer.

If it is technically feasible, the customer shall be informed about the connection.

The Customer shall need to register online after such confirmation and submit the required documents and charges. Register!

2.  Walk Inns/ Through Visit

Customer can visit to our office, DMA Offices as well as the contractor office and can get the printed forms for applying.

3. Through Visit of DMA/Company representative

The Direct Marketing Agency/ company representatives visit the housing societies and residential areas from time to time . You can contact such representatives.

After verifying the necessary documents and receipt of payments, the connection will be provided.


Customer can visit to our camps organized from time to time.



Proof of Identity

PAN Card/ Passport/ Voter Id Card/ Driving License/ Aadhar Card

[any one of the documents]

Proof of Residence

Copy of Sale Deed Agreement/Electricity bill/Builders Allotment Letter & Occupancy

[any one of the documents]


GNGPL starts providing full services within three months of your registration


PNG pipeline inside house is not allowed to be concealed as per safety norms. Pipeline will run on the surface of the wall. At places where pipeline needs to be crossing a wall, a small hole to suit the diameter of pipeline/sleeve shall be made in the wall. There will be minimum cutting of the wall. Floor, tiles in the kitchen will not be cut for concealing the pipeline. Laying of pipe line will be done after discussion with the owner at time of laying. Owner will be required to provide most economical and shortest route for pipeline up to the kitchen.



Turn off the valve available on gas line near PNG meter & regulator.

Open all the doors and windows of the area.

Cover the gas leakage point with a wet cloth

Make sure to stop turn off all fire appliances.

Do not switch on any electrical appliances.

Do not leave an open fire source or flame.

Do not panic and evacuate the area immediately after ensuring primary steps above.

Do not spread rumor in case of emergency.

Immediately inform GNGPL O&M team at  0832-233-5453 about the emergency.


Direct Marketing Agency are the agencies appointed by Goa Natural Gas Pvt. Ltd. for registration & allied activities for customers of Domestic Piped Natural Gas.