Safety Instructions for Industrial PNG Users

Please Ensure the Following:

Minimum one no. ISI marked 9 Kg capacity of Dry Chemical Powder/ ABC type Fire Extinguishers are installed near MRS.

MRS are installed at a well-ventilated & illuminated area with having proper fencing & and locking arrangement to avoid any unauthorized entry.

Open flame / Smoking / Mobile are prohibited in MRS area and cautionary board are installed.

Emergency phone numbers are properly displayed at MRS

No normal electrical installation/ equipment installed inside fencing area.

Isolation valve is marked properly as ISOLATION VALVE & known to all concerned, so that same can be isolated in case of emergency.

Colour coding of NG pipeline as YELLOW is maintained.

Earthing of the skid are done and connected to earth pits.

The pipeline are properly supported & clamped.

Access of MRS always kept free from any obstruction & Isolation valve is easily accessible.

No combustible and flammable material (stored near MRS and cutting of vegetation to be done on regular basis.

Checking of Gas leakage is done by soap solution or gas detectors only.

All maintenance or setting to be done by qualified & trained personnel of GNGPL only.

If any excavation /construction work are noticed on the gas pipeline route near to your vicinity, inform GNGPL control room immediately on 7264866866.

Save the emergency contact numbers of GNGPL 7264866866 & other emergency services like fire brigade & police etc. in mobile phones of all responsible personnel of your installation to avoid unnecessary delay in case of any emergency.

Do’s Don’ts
1. In case of gas leakage/Fire, close Inlet isolation valve of MRS. 1. Don’t start fire / hot work near M.R.S.
2. In case of any emergency viz. Gas leakage (odor like rotten eggs) immediately contact to site GNGPL Team. 2. Don’t smoke near M.R.S
3. In case of Fire dial 101 to inform Fire Service. 3. Don’t use mobile phone and camera near M.R.S.
4. In case gas leakages immediately evacuate affected area. 4. Don’t store / allow to accumulate and waste material / items near MRS
5. In case of gas leakage cordon off effected area. 5.  Don’t park any vehicle near MRS.
6. Maintain good housekeeping in & around M.R.S. 6. Don’t tamper with M.R.S.
7. Don’t block the access route of M.R.S.  
8. Maintain Fire Extinguisher in good working condition.  
9. Please contact site GNGPL O&M team in case of any problem in MRS.