Safety Instructions for PNG Users

In case of Emergency:

Turn off the valve available on gas line near PNG meter & regulator.

Open all the doors and windows of the area.

Cover the gas leakage point with a wet cloth

Make sure to stop turn off all fire appliances.

Do not switch on any electrical appliances.

Do not leave an open fire source or flame.

Do not panic and evacuate the area immediately after ensuring primary steps above.

Do not spread rumor in case of emergency.

Immediately inform GNGPL O&M team at 7264866866 about the emergency.


Safety Instructions

Do not tamper with any component of the gas connection

In case the gas flow in your house or area is stopped, inform the Company immediately

Always close the main control valve if you are not going to be home for a day or more

When you turn on your gas again after a long duration, make sure all the doors and windows of your house are opened

Always use standard ISI mark stoves and burners

Don't ever cover the rubber tubes and regularly clean them with a wet cloth

Always ensure that the hot utensils or liquids are not in direct contact with your rubber tube

When you are cooking, make sure that you do not leave the burner or stove unattended

If you can smell gas or doubt a leakage, do not ignite a match or lighter

Once you complete your cooking, make sure you close the appliance valve

Gas leakage can be easily detected by odour

If the gas supply stops suddenly, close the appliance valve and open all doors and windows. Only once there is no smell of gas should you turn on the stove again

It is safe to wear cotton apron or cotton clothes during cooking

Never use a sari to lift any utensils from the stove

Keep children away from the gas stove and gas connection

Periodically keep checking the rubber tube for any cuts, damage

Never store combustible or explosive/ flammable items in the kitchen


Cleaning the Burner

Close the main valve and appliance valve

Allow the stove to cool down and then clean the burners with a cloth.

Clean the burners with warm water and use soap or other cleaning agents if the burner is oily

Allow the burner to dry up. Clean the burner head in the similar way with a hard brush