Dos and Don’ts for PNG

Dos Don’ts
1. Use only approved gas appliances. 1. Do not use LPG cylinder in PNG burner.
2. Connect the gas appliances and valves correctly. 2. Do not tamper with the PNG Pipe line
3. Keep the window open & exhaust fan on while using the gas stove. 3. For any PNG Pipe line repair work inform GNGPL & get your work done through GNGPL Gas mechanics after checking its identity.
4. Turn off the valve when the gas is not in use. 4. Do not bring any burning object near the PNG Pipe line & meter
5. Check & replace the rubber tube if required. 5. Do not leave the gas stove unattended after use.
6. Check & maintain the set up regularly 6. Do not use any spray cans or cleaning solvents and leave any paper or clothes near gas appliances.